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Related article: Date: Monday, August 27, 2001 January 34th 00 -0400 From: Alex Light u003cadisoc007 msn. com u003e Subject: broken facades Chapter 26 Author : Alex Nelson Title: broken facades Chapter : Chapter 26 lost in the storm Helen n " and Mr. Mrs. Westrick, I would like to keep your child at night... " " there is no night ! " Brad said after hearing what the doctor wanted. " Bradley" I yelled " You're acting like a child, hush now, so that of his father and I can listen to the doctor," I said firmly. "Mom... please? Just want to go home. " " Friends, I would like to speak with you outside ?" Asked the doctor how us out of the room. Once outside, we both looked at him with concern, " Ok doctor? " Marc asked. "Doctor Daniel Monroe Monroe... but you can call me Daniel," said n with a smile as he reached out to Mark I have talked to others in the hand Preteen Nn of Marc s while walking through the hall, the infirmary. " Ok Daniel, what happens to my child?" I asked, still in Marc n hand as we walked down the aisle. ", which couldI can not find what is wrong with him except for a possible concussion in my studio, when he arrived. But then I woke up realized how excited he was and is still bothered a bit before during the day and caused an anxiety attack. You know what they s the cause? "I have no idea... Marc? " I asked "I have not at least be" told us so confused. "There were two children who came with him when he was taken in the first, , a boy and a girl. She called the girl to his girlfriend and the child was black. " n " that had to be Alisa and Alex," said Marc "I have not seen Alex, if we have here, and Alisa just ran and shouted :" I said. "What the hell is going on here ? " Said Marc annoying now. " I do not know, sir, is all he knows that his son was in school and the n is a concussion. It is also very angry at something. I'm trying to figure out, how more excited, but I had to leave the room because I only makes everything worse. a few minutester to his friend Alex passed me looking excited. " Do you know why it was and what bothers you? " I asked. " No, I n. Normally allow anyone in the hospital or head trauma or loss Preteen Nn of consciousness, usually held at night observation n, but in the case keeps your child here more excited. " " so, what do you want from us? "I asked, as the nurse's station came to " take home, " said Brad signed the box on his arrival in his pocket and gave me his card. " I'll call you when something comes. Like to see in two day, I, Brad again. Perhaps to speak then you are ready. " After a glance at the map, " You are a physiatrist? " " Yes, I am, "he said with a smile. " Just bring Brad back in two days. " "Sure," said Marc Justin "Coach, I made ​​it the number 2 or 3 rather go? These guys are all over the ass the game, "said Tony, as he ran off the field at the end of the third quarter. Tony strengths were in the hands and speed, which has rreceive the best routes of the United Nations could easily jammed ( by a blow on the line), and this team was going to do just that, and jams the best. " I do not think will help, " I said, feeling frustrated and as if s was the coach. " I agree with Justin, Tony. Son of interference on the line then double and triple team work. The BD and safety devices are all over the n and move 2 or 3 will not work... but since they are so concerned about... " knew what the coach thought we were the same page. "We are going to is in our favor," he said as he looked at Tony. He began to smile because I knew what we're getting, "Tony, you need to run routes like never before gone, " said coach Walters. "Drag Everything you do is that children who are marking length or width. Got it? " " Yes, sir," he said as he pulled on his helmet and went to the field. "Justin, I need a friend, the team needs you. Do not know what that is bothering you, but what I needor to play like the old Justin. Do you think that can be that for me? "I asked as he looked into the stands. Alisa smiled me, if the look. N " I think I can. "He said he wore a helmet and ran to the field Alex RING RING... " Hello... " " Oh, hi... "Alex is... my dear? " " Yes, I'm Sarah... ah... Alisa 's there? " " No, dear , is that " s " no. " " Oh... oh well.. ok... ok Alex, dear, will you talk? " " no, I... ah... just make sure if I was home. " " Alex told me... are you sure that you do not want to talk ? " n " Well, I do not want to be a nuisance. " ' Alex, since when and where you have had any problems that may be waiting until they are again n and then talk to her. " n " are you sure you're okay? " "I'm double chocolate cookies and milk, and wait. " " Ok... see you in a little" "Goodbye. " Justin that was n in the game of my life and turning the less than two minutes the fourth quarter, it was life or death now. After the fumble in the third quarter, which ended with aField goal and our first points of the game. in the fourth quarter, it started raining. I loved playing in the rain, while hated others. The rain is our twelfth man, and that two forced fumbles, which brings us back to life. Sales , who have scored 14 unanswered points and were now below 17 a 21st Because of the double and triple teams was still Tony, who had only caught two passes in the game. I think maybe there were a total of of 20 meters, from a guy who was averaging 100 yards per game last , and this year. I think the team learned of his injury last year, when Tony, that burned for nearly 200 meters. Plan Preteen Nn of coach Walter went to work. Tony took the guarantee and the database in the field, which is to open the field for me to meet with the other recipients, or just run with the ball me. " works," said Tony, as he ran through the crowd. "Man of Justin, which is to do so and the other guys. NowDuplicating a me. " " I know, but have only a few seconds left. You have to open time. I want to remove the jam and roll. I do not think that will be used, flyboy patterns. " " I do not know what happens when sliding on security ? " " Then you burn your ass too. You're the fastest man here, whether it catch the ball or kick ass, "he said with a smile. " Let's do this. "He said as they left the stack Brad the rain. Outside it looked exactly how I felt inside, like shit. Mount house was without incident. I looked the window and watched the rain fall, when the parents of my s looked at each other. " Bear, which is eaten as a baby? " " I have no hunger, " he said in a tone of voice " you told me on the swing of the game? Must be over now, " my father n said. N "NO! " ", but does not want y... look at Justin "She began to wonder, and suddenly stopped. " Justin can go to hell ! It ruined everything and now can go to hell "I , shoutedn looked out the window. Copyright 2001, Alex Nelson Posted: July 20, 2001.
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